Company Profile


MODERN EXECUTIVE SYSTEMS CONTRACTING.LLC (mesc), Founded in 1993, a well reputed, dynamic company in the modern Emirates of today. MESC the largest private employer in Dubai has consolidated all its operations in the fields of construction to providing a whole spectrum of engineering & construction services in the UAE.

MODERN EXECUTIVE SYSTEMS CONTRACTING.LLC (mesc) has gained an excellent and flawless reputation on the market of being one of the most trusted and reliable construction company in the UAE.

MODERN EXECUTIVE SYSTEMS CONTRACTING.LLC (mesc) executes diverse construction projects at competitive prices and has a track record of successfully completing all projects in the shortest possible time delivering in the process high quality work.

MODERN EXECUTIVE SYSTEMS CONTRACTING.LLC (mesc)’s qualified & committed projects management team, adequate manpower and sophisticated machinery contribute to the company’s continued success & growth.

The strength of the company lies in its team of highly motivated and experience personnel who deliver outstanding quality work.

The company has a well established quality control system that ensures all operations are monitored & controlled for compliance with specifications. This specialization enables it to deliver beyond expectations in markets where technical proficiency is a necessary.

MODERN EXECUTIVE SYSTEMS CONTRACTING.LLC (mesc) are totally committed to the health and safety of our employees. mesc provides a healthy working environment for all staff, in compliance with all local regulations, legislation, and international standards. mesc ensures that all materials and equipment used in works execution are stored and utilized in safest manner to minimize risk to people and the environment .

Regular audits and inspections are carried out at all the company’s sites and activities to confirm compliance with standards and objectives.

MODERN EXECUTIVE SYSTEMS CONTRACTING.LLC (mesc) believes that construction in the UAE must be approached responsibly with the interests of these states at heart. Our philosophy is that while we work in the UAE’s Developers to make a profit we should give in exchange something of lasting value to those communities. We hope that our projects not only contribute directly to their prosperity but that the way in which we build also helps UAE in their more general development.