Our Mission

Modern Executive Systems Contracting LLC (MESC) is one of the highest and foremost company providing construction, engineering, development, investment and acquisition services in Dubai, mainly in UAE. Mission of MESC is to make their valuable customers satisfy by providing reliable, amicable, professional and quality services and deal their customers with honesty for getting good fortune from client’s side.


Our Appreciation:

MESC appreciates every comment or suggestion given by their clients. Following and keeping in mind all the suggestions and interests of our clients for meeting their requirements and insuring high standard work, is primary key of our management. Ideas and interests of our different clients results in huge innovations. By these innovations our growth and profitability increases and it also results in technical enhancement and good name of our company in market.

Our Profitability:

Profitability of MESC depends on two factors:

  1. We provide good returns to our shareholders.
  2. And we keep growth level sustained.

Our Commitment:

MESC is highly committed to its growth. Growth of MESC is highly dependent on the commitment MESC made with its employees. Our employees are our asset; as all the development and growth of our company relies on the hard work and determination of our employees. That is why we take special care of safety, health, rest, security and welfare of our employees.

Our Strength:

 Two most important factors by which our company gets strength is our competent, loyal and hardworking and employees and the other factor by which MESC gets strength are our valuable clients, feedback of employees, our relationship with our employees. Our level of trust on our employees and clients also gives us strength. Some other factors by which MESC gets strength is our distinct culture, our entrepreneurial & flexible management, capability, dynamism, focus on quality and safety, commercial acumen.

For becoming one of the best company of U.A.E, things which are important to us is our distinct characteristics, high quality services, strong and honest commitment with our clients and satisfaction of our clients.

Mission, vision, commitments and core values of MESC are not just written words, they are more than words and we apply all of them in procedures and management of our company. MESC today is outcome of these commitments, mission, and vision and core values.

MESC is the most successful company in the enterprise performance management and enterprise business planning spaces. Only MESC is efficient enough to take initiative for professional projects management which synchronizes with corporate planning, financial planning and supply chain planning. Devotion and loyalty of MESC and its employees towards mission statement ensures our hard work which brings continuous success and growth of MESC.