Landscaping department of Modern Executive Systems Contracting (MESC):

Modern Executive Systems Contracting (MESC) LLC has developed a landscaping department for adding value to the properties of their clients. Landscaping department is basically developed for adding value and landscaping features and design to the properties like villas, resorts, and educational institutes.

Project managers of Modern Executive Systems Contracting (MESC) runs landscaping department and execution of all projects is done in the department as an independent landscaping construction department.

Modern Executive Systems Contracting (MESC) provides design services as concept, urban planning, detailed designs to resorts, educational institutes, towers and villas.The landscaping construction facilities that are managed by MESC start by design, and continue by promoting the wider scope of landscaping that implies maintanance, construction, irrigation, stone walls, outdoor rooms, water features and lighting for our valued clients.

MESC has different and unique landscaping designs, as every client has different needs, different taste and every client wants unique design and concept. It is the aim of MESC to provide unique design to each client and ensure their satisfaction.

No matter what type of design our client wants, MESC will provide them with the highest quality of landscaping works and ensure clients satisfaction after the landscaping project finishes. MESC will visit you and carefully judge your property and then produce a quotation which will reach the expectations of our clients.

Whenever client approaches for any type of landscaping construction, then our team takes details from client for plan. The plan needs approval from planning department, co-ordinate with contractors and at last our team contributes the landscape construction project of client.

There are three types of landscaping construction services provided by Modern Executive Systems Contracting (MESC) which are:

-          Hard landscaping construction.

-          Soft landscaping construction.

-          Interior landscaping construction.

 In hard landscaping construction the services we provide you are:

-          Paving

-          Paths

-          Drainage

-          Lighting

-          M&E

-          Fencing

-          Seating

-          Furniture metal of wood and also of other materials.

-          Water features

-          Bridges

-          Service Diversion

-          Civil Works.

-          Design

In soft landscaping construction the services we extend are:

-          Tree planting all sizes up to 1.1m girth

-          Shrubs, perennials, herbaceous planting

-          Wild flowers, seeding and bulbs

-          Hedging

-          Top Soils and Sub soils

-          Ground works

-          River and Lake works

-          Irrigation systems

-          Turfing

-          Design (Detail/Development)

In interior landscaping the services which we provide are:

-          Consultancy & technical advice

-          Creative planning & design

-          Project management

-          Large species acclimatization

-          Installation of large specialist plants

-          Irrigation solutions

-          Pest control treatments

-          Ongoing plant maintenance guarantees

-          Maintenance of existing schemes

Projects on which Modern Executive Systems Contracting provides landscaping construction facilities includes new construction projects, installation, trees & plants, bed care and sod color changings.

Special features of our landscaping department are pleasant environment where employees and clients can relax, sound absorption, heating and cooling healthy environment, resale value for interior landscaping for residential and commercial construction, occupancy for more landscaping.