Total Quality Management (TQM)

MESC believes that implementation of total quality management will mold our company towards betterment and continuous success, and this precisely why we strive for establishing the principles of TQM.

Philosophy of TQM:

  • TQM is a philosophy which is applied to make changes in attitude of employees and to mold the organizational culture.
  • If visible changes occur in attitude of employees as well as organizational culture, then it will act as a key to expansion and success of MESC.

Principles of TQM:

  • Every employee who is working in organization will ensure that there shall be no compromise on the quality.
  • Every individual in organization will also act as customer and supplier for organization.
  • It must be clearly understood that problems needs to be addressed and rectified, not the people – and that it is former that needs to be corrected & improved.
  • Problems must be interrupted not just fixed, in order to prevent their future occurrences.
  • Management must involve itself in organization and lead all the programs.
  • Management must keep up the quality commitment.
  • Rather than detections, company should try to prevent defects.
  • Foremost thing in company is quality and it is responsibility of every employee to maintain it.
  • Benchmarking should be measured.
  • Every person in organization should try and hope for continuous improvement.
  • Every minor problem must be solved.
  • Inventory reduction should be aimed to optimal levels.
  • Suppliers follow the principle of give-and-take.
  • Continuous training should be given to every employee time-to-time.
  • Abiding wastages must be prevented.

Implementation of the aforementioned TQM principles:

  • Implementation of TQM will take few years and result of this investment will not be immediately visible.
  • It is necessary to have patience and show persistence during the implementation of TQM.


Here at MESC, quality assurance routines are made-to-measured each plan and to the work performance. Control and assurance of quality get along to approve the fulfillment of project’s requirements.

MESC has become a landmark in the industry for excellent standards in a timely manner, and performing the complex projects with same integrity and excellence when serving the clients with gainsaying engineering tasks.

These accomplishments of raising the bar for maintaining standards is not possible without internal quality system as it discovers the clients and requirements from well endowed procedures for quality control, for designing and building a roadmap that leads us towards fulfilling those essentials.

The rules to thumbs in our detailed and in depth quality assurance program, assures the quality services of our and our subcontractors. We believe in continual and thorough inspection of our management systems. We appreciate and perform audits both external and internal, reviews and feedbacks from our quality control department and clients to keep our product quality, agendas and schedules along with financial statements controlled and focused.

We perform quality assurance and quality control procedures on each and every project with same code of conduct and trueness.

We believe in standardization and uniform processes to save time of every single person yet support from all offices.

Documentation Hierarchy

Following are the five layers of documentation that we follow:

Quality Assurance Manual

Company’s bonafide quality policy assessing quality management system and lime lighted some references to documented procedures.

Corporate Documents

Every type of procedures and instructions has been enforced by all divisions.

Internal Documents

Related guidelines to perform every single activity have been written in the form of booklets.

External Documents

Set of documentations send by an external company.

Project Services

  • Development of a plan.
  • Verification and maintenance is practiced.
  • Inspection procedures for quality control have been carried out.
  • Making audits and surveillance along with inspection and checking.
  • Careful administration of quality improvement methods.

Client Benefits

  • Every project meets the requirements in its higher quality possible.
  • Improvement is continuous, thus with every new project betterment of quality is ensured.
  • Time consumption is less for study, design and blueprinting.
  • Save costs for rework and error removal.