Project Management Professional PMP

Primavera is the primary tool that we use to dedicatedly assign the resources required for a certain project after making the estimates for time duration, material as well as the manpower in order to ensure that project is completed according to the laid specifications.

Our project management professionals have years of experience dealing successfully with such situations where engineering problems are solved within the time and other resource restraints. We ensure the quality of work, safety of our workforce and always maintain a standard of not only meeting the client’s expectations but also surpassing them.

Value engineering works with the principle of improvement and betterment of innovation opportunities that must enlighten cost effectiveness in every project company takes. Value engineering promotes nurture of coordination among project participants to raise the quality of the performance by the overall company. MESC smartly dilute project’s life cycle cost by incorporating value engineering into engineering development and construction management phases of the project. Integrating these phases does not ignore the vital components of project such as environmental safety, better quality, and other functional requirements.

Value engineering has this unique feature of catching up with the project despite of the fact when and at which phase it has been incorporated but it has been experienced that integrating value engineering at early phases of the project has a better and significance influence on project’s cost.

Following are the observed stages of value engineering:

  • Front-end engineering study helps to integration of conception to get rid of superfluous stages and demands that may cause in elevation of cost.
  • At least 30% to 60% milestones must be completed.
  • Establishment and verification of engineering change proposal.

Review of construction documents.

Two methods MESC use in value engineering:

  • Continuous optimization of project staff. Explore new horizons of better designing and construction to achieve cost-effectiveness and time management.
  • Specialized team must be assign to appropriate projects. A team of interdisciplinary staff research in a way to bring out new ideas that are feasible enough to reduce cost effectively.

Certified value specialists leads operational management in value engineering. These specialists have been selected by MESC technical, engineering staff as well as consultants. For best solution owner must be involved.