Safety, Healthy & Environment

It is the objective of Modern Executive Systems Contracting LLC (MESC) to provide a healthy and safe work environment to its customers and employees. So that when employees work in safe and healthy environment then they will give good results. And for customers, when customers will see safe and healthy environment of our company than it will leave a good impression in their mind for MESC and they will repeat business.

Mesc Saifty Healthy

HSE management of company carries out some risk surveys when any new project starts and provides all the information regarding safety to all employees and sub-contractors whom will work on project. By HSE Management Company meet following objectives:

  • Safety of customers, employees and general public.
  • Morality for all equipment’s.
  • Continuity of processes.

For providing safe and healthy environment MESC will take every possible and practicable step and provide safe premises, safe plant equipment and methods of work. MESC also ensures that every individual remains in provided safe and healthy environment. Company also ensures that employees and management remains actively involved in flourishing practices regarding safe, healthy and pure environment. Such acts are considered as priority items among management of company.

The company commits to provide training, instruction and adequate information for ensuring secured and healthy environment. Company not only commits but it also confirms that secured and healthy environment is applicable in planning, design and modification premises, plant and equipment. Company provides protective clothes and equipment’s to all the employees and management when required. MESC has made some statutory standards for safety, health and welfare which controls and develops all procedures which are required for ensuring safe and healthy environment.

It is the commitment of Modern Executive Systems Contracting LLC (MESC) to provide clean, secured and healthy environment because company realize that construction process has potential hazards which occurs due to manufacturing of building materials. Therefore company takes vast precautions’ for protection of their employees and general public.

Along with developing safety standards, procedures and objectives, MESC also provides information to all its employees and assures that employees understand and own their responsibilities for adoption of safe and healthy work environment.